We manufacture our own flexible accumulators with a proprietary non-toxic eutectic gel. Packaged in a flexible thermo-sealed bag made from a highly resistant aluminized complex.

Our flexible positive accumulators tolerate high heat absorption making them the ideal complement for the preservation of the cold chain of refrigerated products. Their non-toxic nature makes them useful within the food industry field.


High compression resistance
Easily customizable
Reduces weight compared to rigid accumulators.

Standard measurements

Capacity Sizes Quantity per box Boxes per pallet Total per pallet
200cc 170x120x30 40 51 2040
250cc 170x125x30 40 51 2040
400cc 170x145x30 25 51 1275
600cc 170x195x30 20 51 1020
1000cc 170x250x30 12 42 504


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They tolerate high heat absorption which makes them the ideal complement for the conservation of the cold chain.